Build a community to interact with the people behind your customer data. Develop a deep understanding of customer needs and build more authentic and profitable relationships.

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Discover Customer Needs From the Inside

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Turn a lively community into actionable insights. Give your marketing and research team the tools that make their work easier.

  • Word Cloud Creation
  • Auto-Bookmarking
  • Text Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Data Export to CSV

Ready to Humanize Your Customer Data?

Develop successful products, services, experiences and brand purpose aligned with customers. Watch the demo video.


CMNTY Platform

DIY or Full Service, CMNTY Platform is the All-in-One solution for engaged and insightful online communities.

  • Group Discussions
  • Image & Video Uploads
  • MoodBoards
  • HeatMaps
  • Private Messaging 
  • Surveys & Polls 

The Community Platform for Forward Thinking Brands


Turn Interactions into Insights

Visualize and Analyze What's Happening in Real-Time

AI-Powered Image Recognition

The Community Platform for Forward Thinking Brands